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As you very well know, the Internet is full of news, some very well written, some very attractive and credible, and some … not so much.

Hence, why adding more news?

Well, our goal at LGMA is to select specific and newsy information with a twist. We want to better explain the news, make them better understood by providing appropriate background and, when possible, propose some potential consequences or even some trends.

Jim Wurst is your guide in multilateral news, meaning the news that concern several countries together, even the planet Earth as a whole. Chief among multilateral news, the United Nations and its family, Agencies, NGOs, continental organizations and so on. His topics are political, economic, environmental, scientific, humanitarian, social and much more.

Pierre Fabian comes straight from the United Nations Department of Public Information, (UNDPI). Often, he gives lectures on current international news. From time to time, he will present his lectures here. That will not prevent him to give you unusual information gathered in places where not many people have access.

As for me, using my passion for the future, I bring you some advanced facts together with potential consequences possibly affecting your daily life. I believe that, explaining some specific news, helps forecast our tomorrow. As much as possible, I try to suggest some trends affecting you and your children in a way not always easy to apprehend. My background in media, multiculturalism, sciences and technology will help. So will my reporter’s training, my past diversified activities and, above all, my insatiable curiosity in everything our civilizations produced, keep producing and will be producing.

Happy reading, happy commenting and happy enjoying!

georges_leclereGEORGES LECLERE



One of the very first TV anchors to use Interactive Television in the 1980’ in France, Georges is currently involved in the OTT Streaming service and in the Views of the World Film and Music Festival in Montreal, Canada as well as in some TV productions.
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james_wurst JAMES WURST

Editorial Director


Jim is a journalist specializing in international affairs and has been based at the United Nations since 1987. He is the author of The UN Association–USA: A Little Known History of Advocacy and Action (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2016).

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