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Dream Job 2.0

Dream Job 2.0 is a transmedia multiscreen reality format competition.

Winners get internships, scholarships and ... their Dream Job!

Players learn about their environment, their causes and their consequences. They need to explain their own environmental problems, the ones they encounter in their own back yard and make a video about it. Finalists need to study possible solutions and compete against each other.

With a progressive path using APP, SVOD, VR, Simulations as well as the good old audience, Dream Job 2.0 suits the green needs of linear broadcasters as well as streamers and OTT services.


Interested? Drop us a line and we will send you a NDA to sign before you can receive a more detailed information.

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“From local to global, fighting the causes of climate change”


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Dream Job 2.0 is a Format



Potential Developments for Dream Job 2.0




We do not own our Planet; we borrowed it from our Children and Grand Children.


Earth is warming up creating living conditions and potentially explosive situations that will require more attention and more expenses to cope with for our next generations.


Internet and Television are two essential tools to help propagate useful ideas by showing interactively the best examples of success in fighting the causes of climate change.


The Dream Job 2.0 Project has the capability to reach potentially millions of people, starting with the young generations to motivate them to become the active players in this fight in search for greatest efficiency.


LGMA has, directly and indirectly, the experience of television competitions and formats, environmental and energy-based operations for over 30 years.

georges_leclereGEORGES LECLERE



One of the very first TV anchors to use Interactive Television in the 1980’ in France, Georges is currently involved in the OTT Streaming service and in the Views of the World Film and Music Festival in Montreal, Canada as well as in some TV productions.
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james_wurst JAMES WURST

Editorial Director


Jim is a journalist specializing in international affairs and has been based at the United Nations since 1987. He is the author of The UN Association–USA: A Little Known History of Advocacy and Action (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2016).

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