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Georges Leclere  - CEO

Georges Leclere


Georges has over 40 years of experience in television and new media, starting in 1968 as a producer and on-air personality in Lebanon and later in his native France. Currently, Georges is directly involved in the OTT Streaming service and in the Views of the World Film and Music Festival in Montreal, Canada. These past few years, Leclere was managing and often running the Florida Media Market, the Sichuan TV Festival, the Seoul Drama Awards and was the Director of the Competition and Awards at the Banff Festival. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian company War & Peace, Georges sits on the board of various French and Canadian TV production companies.

Prior to founding LGMA in 2007, Georges was the senior vice president of the International Television Academy, the television and new media trade association that organizes the annual International Emmy Awards. Starting his Television career in Lebanon then in Paris at the ORTF and Antenne 2 where he ended up Chief of the Science and technology on the News, then on TF1 where as Deputy Chief Editor, he produced the Computer shows TIFY and Peek & Poke & Colegram, Georges was probably the first anchor to ever create and use Interactive television as early as 1983 about 6 years before the word Internet was invented. Moving to America in 1986, Leclere served as director of media for the United Nations in New York. Born in Paris, France, Georges studied science extensively with specialization in chemistry and astronomy at the French University in Paris. He wrote 2 books on Solar Energy and Space travel.

James Wurst -  Editorial Director

James Wurst

Editorial Director

Jim is a journalist specializing in international affairs and has been based at the United Nations since 1987. He is the author of The UN Association–USA: A Little Known History of Advocacy and Action (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2016). He has worked as a reporter for the Inter Press Service, The InterDependent, UN Wire, Global Security Newswire, and as well as a contributor to the World Policy Journal, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Arms Control Today, A Global Agenda, and In These Times. He is the former editor of Disarmament Times (New York) and of Disarmament Campaigns (The Hague).

Jim covered peacekeeping missions in Namibia and Mozambique and UN conferences in Geneva, Vienna, and Monterrey (Mexico). In addition, he has worked as a consultant/analyst for the Global Security Institute, the Council on Economic Priorities, the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy, the Interchurch Peace Council (IKV, the Netherlands), and the Arias Foundation for Peace and Progress (Costa Rica). He has held numerous positions in the United Nations Correspondents’ Association (UNCA), including President (2005), First Vice President (2000, 2004), and Convener of the UNCA Awards Committee (2009).